Financial Professionals

  • As a Financial Professional, your clients count on you to advise them on protection and investments they need to secure their financial futures. The best plans are based on the income they will earn. Without an income, these plans cannot succeed.
  • Baker Birdwell is there to help you in illustrating the importance of income protection. We work with you to provide the coverage best suited to your clients’ needs. Check out our quick start guides in the resources section. They give you a short overview of all the income protection products. In a few minutes, you will be ready to discuss what can be complicated topics.

Benefit Advisors

  • Benefit Advisors have sometimes shied away from individual disability insurance, not because there wasn’t a need for it, but instead because of underwriting concerns. It’s a terrible feeling to convince a decision maker in one of your groups of the need for individual coverage, only to have them turned down for coverage when you apply.
  • For your groups with highly compensated employees who exceed the group LTD maximum, or have large amounts of bonus and incentive compensation not covered under the LTD plan, Baker Birdwell has the answer! With groups of as few as 3 employees, our carriers will make Guaranteed Standard Issue (GSI) offers.
  • These GSI offers allow you to adequately cover the highly compensated employees in your group without the fear of a decision maker being turned down and potentially harming your relationship.