Being dragged into new technology or the story behind our new website

Our blogs will mostly focus on helping folks understand the importance of disability income protection in a sound financial plan.

But as we get things up and rolling, let’s talk about the development of our new branding and website. Or as I think of it, how I was dragged kicking and screaming into a new age.

My partner Clay saw the necessity for us to expand our base and market more to a younger crowd. Being 57 year old, I of course thought this was crazy. But Clay persisted, and I got on board.

Being more of the writer between the two of us, I volunteered to provide the copy for our new website. Little did I know this would involve what seems like thousands of hours and millions of rewrites. To get the same sensation, think about every school paper you wrote that came back covered in red ink with a note from your teacher to start again. Or to get the sensation quicker, go slam your hand in a car door.

But we have finally finished. It is quite a relief! I look forward to getting back to what I actually do for a living. We hope you like our new look and website. It represents our recommitment to providing the best in disability income protection through education and service. We look forward to working with you.

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